6th & Olive

Proposed new homes in the heart of San Diego's dynamic, walkable Bankers Hill neighborhood.

The Opportunity.

  • Improves Housing Supply & Affordability
    for San Diegans

    The project transforms an underutilized parcel into 204 new homes in walkable Bankers Hill, including 18 affordable homes.


  • Supports a Community Parish
    As part of the project, St. Paul's Cathedral will be able to modernize and expand its office space and significantly upgrade its courtyard space, open to the public.


  • Honors a Cherished Local Landmark
    6th & Olive is designed to respect the architecture of the historic St. Paul's Cathedral.

  • Boosts Bankers Hill Businesses
    New neighbors means new customers for local, small businesses.


  • Frees Up Street Parking
    The project takes church and resident parking off the street and into structured parking
    on-site, which frees up street parking for Bankers Hill residents, guests and businesses.


  • Meets Community Goals
    6th & Olive is housing where it's supposed to be -- in a walkable neighborhood served by high-frequency transit, while providing
    18 affordable housing units.


Conceptual Renderings

We are Proud to Receive Endorsements as Recognition that 6th & Olive...

  • Creates excellent mobility choices

  • Supports walkable, healthy neighborhoods

  • Promotes sustainable growth

  • Addresses the region's housing deficit

  • Supports the region's economic growth

  • Creates jobs for the region's workforce

Located in one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in San Diego.

Located in Banker's Hill / Park West, 6th & Olive provides housing where it should be - in a walkable neighborhood served by public transit, close to major job centers and immediate retail and dining options. In addition, 6th & Olive will beautify the corner facing Balboa Park and deliver the long-awaited facility improvements
for St. Paul's Cathedral. 

For decades, the parcel has been used for St. Paul's administrative building,
a surface parking lot and the Park Chateau Apartments.

6th & Olive : Proposed Project

6th & Olive as Currently Proposed

Number of Units

Total Floors

Total Height

Parking Spaces

Space for St. Paul's

Affordable Housing


20 Floors


348 Total

1.4 Spaces per Dwelling Unit

77 Cathedral Spaces

~15,000 SF for Cathedral Office Space

18 On-Site Affordable Units

Designated for Very-Low Income
(50% AMI)


6th & Olive will add much needed housing in Bankers Hill, while also providing significant support for
St. Paul's service to our community.


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